Essex Unitarian Church, Kensington, London

Morgan & Branch
Date Built
1976 - 1977
112 Palace Gardens Terrace, Kensington
This church building at 112 Palace Gardens Terrace in Kensington has a name that tells you more about the origins of its organization than its present location.  The Essex part of its name comes from the original location of the Unitarian Church's birthplace, the Essex Street Chapel, located just off the Strand on a site formerly occupied by Essex House, home to the Earl of Essex.  By the 1880s much of the congregation had moved out of central London and a piece of land, known at the time as the Kensington Gravel Pits (now Palace Garden Terrace), was purchased and a temporary corrugated iron church was erected.  This temporary building was replaced in 1887 by "a splendid new church".  This was home to the congregation until the 1970s when it was demolished and replaced with the building you see in these images.  The first service was held here in July of 1977.

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