Jewish Centre, Oxford, UK

David Stern & Partners
Date Built
Richmond Road, Jericho
The "Jericho Online" website lists this building as a local landmark.  It says of it that, "...It was not until well after the war when the number of Jewish students at the University and technical colleges was growing that a new synagogue was rebuilt on the same site in 1974. This modern building was much bigger and contains a large student and social centre."  According to an article in the Jewish Chronicle on October 20, 1978, "...  The necessary funds were obtained through  the efforts of a number of worthies, among them Lord Segal, deputy speaker of the House of Lords and still an Oxford resident; and George Silver, a successful restaurateur and the congregation‚Äôs president through the sixties."

In 2004, the centre underwent a £1.5 million redevelopment that added a new building to offer facilities for young people as well as a library and meeting room.

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