Salve Bridge, Bilbao, Spain

Juan Batanero (engineer)
Date Built
Opened January 9, 1972
Beside the Guggenheime Museum and spanning the Nervión River
The Salve Bridge was the first bridge to be opened in Bilbao after the Civil War, when all of the bridges in the city were destroyed.  It was designed by the engineer Juan Batanero and regarded as innovative at the time because it was the first cable-stayed bridge in Spain and it also featured a steel deck.  The deck stands 23 metres above the river to facilitate the movement of ships along the river. 

The most prominent feature of the bridge is the red arch added in 2007, to a design by the French artist Daniel Buren, to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the nearby Guggenheim Museum.

Pedestrian access to the bridge is facilitated by a challenging system of stairs.  Since 2008, pedestrians have also been able to go up to the bridge free of charge in its two lifts, which were installed in 1988.

At the University Avenue end of the bridge is this remarkable mural made by Verónica and Christina Weckmeister.  entitled " Giltza bat or A key " it evokes the idea of ​​freedom of expression and features a conversation between two women.

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