John Dalton Building - Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

W. Heppell - City Architect's Department
Date Built
Oxford Road & Chester Street
The Manchester Metropolitan University describes the John Dalton Building as: "a large, impressive, modern building with flexible spaces for both large and small events and particularly suitable for large conferences. An airy and contemporary glass walkway links two parts of the building. This spacious area connects lecture theatres, and meeting rooms, an open plan space for exhibitions and the main refreshment area."

The building seen above and below is, in fact, an extension to the tower block seen in the background, built in 1966.  This building is five storeys high with continuous slanting windows on the top four floors separated by concrete frames.

A thoughtful John Dalton sits outside of the Faculty of Technology on Chester Street.  Mr. Dalton was moved here from Piccadilly in 1966.  The monument includes stone from the original memorial at Dalton's grave in the former Ardwick Cemetery.

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