Édifice Jean Talon, Quebec City, Canada

Tessier, Corriveau, St-Gelais, Tremblay, Tremblay Labbé
Date Built
1969 and 1972
875 Grande Allée Est
The buildings on Parliament Hill in Quebec City are all named after people famous for their historical connections to Quebec.  They are also designated with letters of the alphabet and Buildings H and J are correctly known as the Jean Talon Building although, apparently, they are more commonly referred to as Buildings H and J.  A casual glance at this imposing building, on the Grande Allé East side, would lead you to think it is actually one building but in fact the Building J portion is a small square appendage in the north-east corner.

This is one of a number of office buildings, arranged around the Quebec Parliament, accommodating the various elements of the Quebec Government.  According to a government website, it is home in 2013 to the, "Executive Council Office that supports the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers in their role as head of state. It occupies a strategic position in the organization of the Quebec government."

I gather that this is something of an unloved building perhaps because of its daunting appearance making it look rather bunker-like.  Apparently in 2001 Bernard Landry, the then Premier of Quebec" described the building as a, " ... horror that dishonors the aesthetics of one of the most beautiful cities in the world."

The building is named after Jean Talon Talon who was appointed by King Louis XIV of France to serve as the Intendant of Justice, Public Order and Finances in Canada, Acadia and Newfoundland between 1665 and 1672.

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