The Brunswick Centre - Bloomsbury, London, UK

Patrick Hodgkinson
Date Built
1967 - 1972
Bernard Street and Marchmont Street, Bloomsbury
The Brunswick Centre comprises a stepped residential development of 560 flats arranged on either side of a wide public walkway.  At street level there are a number of retail units, a Waitrose store, restaurants and the Renoir Cinema.  The original plan was for the development to extend to Euston Road but this was abandoned when the developers were unable to purchase one of the properties in the way.

It was meant to be a private residential complex but, apparently, lack of interest led to it being leased to the London Borough of Campden.  When I visited the site in the 1980s it was rather down-at-mouth and most of the retail outlets were unoccupied.  Today however the area is thriving with upmarket shops and restaurants.  This follows a major £22million refurbishment that was completed in 2006.  The block looks much better since it was painted.  In 2000 it was designated as a Grade II Listed building.