Westminster City Hall, London

Sir John Burnet, Tait and Partners
64 Victoria Street
Date Built
Built in 1966 Westminster's City Hall building was the first high rise tower to be built in the area.  An article in the Standard on June 6, 2017, referred to plans to refurbish the 19 storey headquarters building.  The article written by Benedict Moore-Bridger explaind that, "...... City Hall in Victoria Street will shut until early 2019 during which time the borough will be run from a building in The Strand.  The council said the revamp for the sixties tower will cut costs, make it more energy efficient and 'boost productivity' among staff as it is increasingly expensive to maintain.  External stonework will be repaired and cleaned, new lifts installed and all the windows replaced, including with floor-ceiling windows on the top floor."

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