Vasa Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

Marianne Dahlbäck and Göran Månsson
Galärvarvsvägen 14, Djurgården
Date Built
Opened June 15, 1990
The Vasa is a 17th Century warship that sank on its maiden voyage only 1300 metres from its launch site and quite close to its resting place inside the Vasa Museum.  The ship, along with some members of its crew and its 64 guns, rested on the bottom on Stockholm harbour for over 300 years until it was located in the 1950s and subsequently retrieved relatively intact in 1961.  For a number of years the ship was given a temporary home while the process of preservation was underway.  In the 1980s the Swedish Government commissioned a design competition for a permanent home for the ship and they received 384 proposals.  The winning design was the one presented by Marianne Dahlbäck and Göran Månsson of "Ask".

The preserved Vasa was moved into an old dry dock over which the museum was built. 

Outside the building features a copper roof and three masts that indicate the original height of the Vasa's rigging. 


Inside, the main hall features large sections of exposed and unpainted concrete.  Around the huge ship a series of balconies provide a close up view of each level of the ship from its keel to the stern castle.  Arranged around the ship hall are numerous exhibitions of artifacts recovered from the Vasa and reconstructions of elements of the ship that allow you to experience what it would have been like on the gun deck and inside the cabins.

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