Riverside - New Bailey Street, Salford, UK

Leach Rhodes Walker
Date Built
Between New Bailey Street and the Trinity Bridge and the River Irwell and Browncross Street in Salford
Riverside is an office complex made up of five interlocking buildings, four of which were named after font styles, possibly reflecting the fact that the Manchester Evening News was one of the original occupants.

West Riverside was a later addition, in 1975, built by the architects as their office.  Today the whole complex is called Riverside and is part of the Bruntwood offering of office space in the city centre.

John J. Parkinson-Bailey, in his book "Manchester - An Architectural History", describes the buildings as "five storeys ... of reinforced concrete with an exposed aggregate finish, which helps to reduce the effects of staining."  He adds that the achitects office buildings is, "two storeys, clad in polished black granite - no bare concrete for them.  Internally, oak panelled and gentlemanly." 

It can be glimpsed in the image below behind the "Doves of Peace" statue.

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