One Redcliffe Street, Bristol, UK

Robinson Group - in-house architect
Date Built
The corner of Redcliff Street and Victoria Street
One Redcliff Street was originally known as Robinson House, since it was home to E. S. & A. Robinson manufacturers of paper and packaging.  It was Bristol's first true tower block offering 15 storeys of office space to its owners.

The Pevsner Guide says that, "A custom-built post-war office block of such architectural quality is a rarity outside London, although from the first it has been criticized for its siting."  The criticism was apparently centered around its proximity and lack of sympathetic style towards its 17th century neighbours as well as the fact that it was a dominant feature of city views in all directions.  The guide describes the building as having a, "... fully-glazed foyer behind external columns.  Crisp structural mullions and pre-cast wall panels finished with white Carrara marble aggregate.  Bronze-framed glazing set behind the openings, creating shadow and depth."

The building's website says that it offers, "... great quality air conditioned space of up to 10,400 sq ft on a single floor, together with excellent on site parking."  It adds that, "... this is a building where it really does pay to look inside."