Pirelli Tower, Milano, Italy

Gio Ponti & Pier Luigi Nervi
Date Built
1956 - 1960
Via Fabio Filzi
The elegant Pirelli Tower stands in Piazza Duca D'Aosta across from Milano Central Station.  It rises some 124 metres to the roof and comprises 32 floors above ground and a further 2 below.  When it was built in 1960 it was the tallest building in Italy and generally regarded as one of the most elegant tower buildings in the world.  It has been suggested that it was the inspiration for the Met-Life tower in New York and the Alpha Tower in Birmingham (see below).

The Pirelli Tower survived an incident in 2002 that involved a single engined aircraft that was low on fuel and attempting to make an emergency landing at Linate Airport.  The plane crashed into the tower killing the pilot and two people inside the building.