Kungstebäude, Stuttgart, Germany

Paul Bonatz and Günter
Date Built
1956 - 1961
If I understand the history of this art building correctly,  the first structure on this site was erected in 1593 to a design by George Beer, architect to the court of Duke Ludwig.  That building was altered over time but was destroyed by fire in 1902.  A second building by Theodore Fischer replaced it in 1913 but it was almost completely destroyed in WWII during a bombing raid.  The only part of the building that survived was the dome.

The golden stag on the top of the dome was sculpted by Ludwig Habich.

In the 1950s work began to repair the ruined building and to add to it.  The architects Paul Bonatz and Günter Wilhelm rebuilt elements of the damaged building and added what is known as the "square hall", a classic white cube of 36 m by 36 m that can be seen in the image below.

Today the building is home to an art gallery and the Café Künstlerbund.

The arches of the arcade have decorative keystones that feature elements of the Württemberg coat of arms.  These were created by Joseph Zeitler and include a hunting horn and a lion with his tongue sticking out.

From 25 September 2013 to the beginning of May 2016, the art building served as the temporary accommodation of the Baden-Württemberg Parliament, while their building, nearby in the Schlossgarten, was being refurbished.

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