The Elephant & Rhino House, London Zoo

Sir Hugh Casson
Date Built
Regent's Park

Historic England's "Pastscape" website says of Casson's Pavilion that, "...The style of the building has been described as 'zoomorphic New Brutalism, marvellously expressive of its inhabitants' and its conical copper roofs gave the impression from above of elephants gathering around a water-hole. Casson's design won him the 1965 RIBA award for the Best Building in London. .... It is built of reinforced concrete with ribbed walls and an inner brick structure with conical copper roofs. .....

..... The concrete ribbed walls were designed to imitate an elephant's hide and also prevented the animals from damaging the building. The pens are arranged round a central hall so that the public move through the building at a lower level on an "S-shaped" route. The paddock pool was added in 1971 and in 1988 the Rhino moat was altered. The elephants and rhinos have been moved to more spacious accomodation at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo and the pavilion now houses bearded pigs, camels and pygmy hippos."

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