The BT Tower, Lionel Street, Birmingham, UK

M. H. Bristow of the Ministry of Public Buildings and Works
Date Built
1963 - 1967
Lionel Street near Newhall Street
This 500 foot high tower was officially opened in September of 1965 and became operational in December of the following year.  Apparently, the Post Office requested permission to extend it to 600 feet but permission was denied because of concerns about its affect on planes approaching Birmingham Airport.  Unlike the BT Tower in London this one doesn't have a restaurant at the top nor is it circular. 

It was important that the tower remains stable to avoid interference to the "line of sight" for the microwave dishes.  To achieve this the tower has channels at each corner that counteract the force of the wind. In 2003, the tower was repainted replacing the original brown with an ultramarine blue It was also equipped with lights that would illuminate it at night.  Apparently Jasper Carrot switched on the lighting system in March of 2004.