BT Tower - Cleveland Street, London, UK

Eric Bedford & G. R. Yeats
Date Built
Cleveland Street, London
Built in the time when the British Post Office was still responsible for telecommunications in the UK, the tower was originally known as the Post Office Tower.  Since then changes in the development of the telecommunication industry have seen it renamed the London Telecom Tower and now the British Telecom Tower.

The tower stands 581 feet high and the aerial rigging at the top extends that to 620 feet.  Although the tower's main function has always been telecommunications it did originally have a rotating restaurant on the 34th floor.  Known as the "Top of the Tower" the restaurant rotated a full revolution every 22 minutes.  However, the restaurant closed in 1980.  There were reports in 2009 that BT planned to reopen the restaurant in time for the 2012 Olympics but apparently those plans have been shelved.  In June of 2015, to mark the tower's 50th anniversary BT offered an opportunity for invited guests to visit the restaurant level and experience the rotating feature.