Thomas Wood Building, Broad Street, Oxford, UK

Brett & Pollen
Date Built
Corner of Broad Street and Turl Street, Oxford
The Thomas Wood Building was designed by Brett & Pollen for Exeter College to provide accommodation for students.  It was named after the composer and author Thomas Wood who taught at Exeter College in the 1920s.  Apparently, a range of 19th Century buildings by Sir George Gilbert Scott were demolished to make way for the Thomas Wood Building.  Today you can see the spire of Exeter College Chapel rising above the Thomas Wood Building.  The chapel was also by George Gilbert Scott.

Pevsner describes the Wood Building and Exeter's Margary Quad as, " ... going curiously well with Scott, though they are patently of the 1960s."  He adds that, "The fa├žades to Broad and Turl have shops and windows of many sizes and shapes to create that jerkiness which architects seem to want."

Today Blackwell's Art and Poster Shop occupies the street level on Broad Street ....

..... and Anthony Gormley's sculpture, "Another Time" stands on the roof looking down The Broad.

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