Bergen University Humanities Library, Norway

Kaare Kvihaug
Date Built
Opened 1961
Haakon Sheteligs plass
The University of Bergen's website says that, "... There was a train of students outside the doors of the University Library when it opened in 1961.   They had arrived en masse from the old reading room .... close by, with their chairs under his arm. The library was the first of the new university buildings were put to use." 

Standing outside the library is a plinth on which is the bust of Ivar Aasen (1813-1896), the man who created the Nynorsk (New Norwegian) written language.  He is considered the greatest of the Norwegian linguists. In 1852 he publicly launched the idea of a separate written Norwegian language  The sculpture is by
Arne Mælan.

This is one of a number of "branches" of the University of Bergen's Library which in total has a collection that includes, " ... 1.8 million volumes of books and periodicals, ca. 242,000 photos, 3,600 manuscripts and well diplomas, ca. 43 000 different maps and atlases, 111,500 microforms, 7,500 electronic documents, and approx. 6,800 music recordings. UB has 16,600 current journal subscriptions, of which 14,500 in electronic form."

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