Ashley & Strathcona, University of Birmingham, UK

Howell, Killick, Partridge and Amis
Date Built
1961 - 64
Pritchatts Road, Edgbaston
Ashley Building and Strathcona House are two linked Grade II Listed university buildings constructed of concrete blocks and pre-cast concrete panels.

The Birmingham Pevsner Guide explains that Ashley Building, "brought together previous scattered departments, deliberately setting all sixty-nine tutor's rooms around a singler atrium, through which coils a circular stair.  It is the single best 1960s space in the University rough but full of panache.  The exterior is clad in the full height pre-cast pannels that HKPA were among the first to use, while still working for the London County Council at Roehampton..."

Linked to Ashley, Strathcona is a slightly curved two-storey lecture room block.