Torre Velasca, Milano, Italy

B.B.P.R - Gianluigi Banfi, Lodovico Barbiano di Belgiojoso, Enrico Peressutti, and Ernesto Nathan Rogers
Date Built
1956 - 1958
Piazza Velasca
This startling tower block occupies a rather claustrophobic location in Plazza Velasca and in way responds to that location by blossoming out once it rises above the surround buildings. 

The shape has been described as "mushroom-like" but is in fact a nod to medieval castle towers that are seen throughout the region, like the one below from Castello Sforzesc in Milano.

The "" website explains that, "The first eighteen floors (106 metres high) house stores and offices. The other floors, up to the twenty-sixth, are occupied by apartments, and are larger than the lower floors, giving the tower its characteristic “mushroom” shape. There are, in total, eight hundred apartments."