Tinghus, Trondheim, Norway

Hjalmar S. Bakstad
Date Built
1937 - 1951
Tinghusplassen & Munkegata
Construction of the Trondheim Courthouse started in 1937 but it was only partialy completed when war broke out in 1940.  Inside are courtrooms, offices for the Court of Appeal and the District Court.  The building is clad in Trondhjemite a light coloured igneous rock found in the Trondheim area.

On the corner of the building, above a small fountain, is a plaque commemorating the patriots who were shot without trial on October 7, 1942, by the occupying German army.

The Martial-Law in Trondheim Wikipedia page tells the story of these unfortunate Norwegians.  "On October 6, 1942 Josef Terboven, the German Reichskommissar for the occupation of Norway, announced from a loudspeaker in the main square in Trondheim that 10 prominent residents of the area had been executed as "atonement sacrifices" (soneofre) at what became killing grounds in Falstadskogen near Falstad concentration camp north of Trondheim at 6 pm that evening, and all their financial assets confiscated. Those executed were from Trondheim, attorney Otto Skirstad, theater director Henry Gleditsch, editor Harald Langhelle, merchant Hirsch Komissar, engineer Hans Konrad Ekornes, bank president Gunnar Sandberg Birch, captain Finn Berg, and shipowner Per Tangen Lykke; attorney Bull Aakran from Røros, and construction leader Peder Eggen from Klæbu. Eight of these were still held at the Gestapo headquarters in Misjonshotellet one block from the square and heard the announcement of their deaths. These eight were later taken by car to Falstad concentration camp, where they were joined by the remaining two for the short drive to Falstadskogen. They were bound, blindfolded, and placed two and two in front of a mass grave that had been dug that day. They were shot at short range by a firing squad of ten."

The entrance to the Tinghus features art work by Nic Schioll.  On either sides are ceramic reliefs of enforcers of the law designed by Schioll but created by the ceramic artist Jens von der Lippe.  In the middle of the entrance stands a marble statue of the medieval “law-speaker”.

Decorative bronze doors stand at the entrance to Tinghus.