Priory Green Estate, Islington, London

Tecton and Lubetkin, Skinner and Bailey
Date Built
1948 - 1957
Collier Street
In 2015, when these images were taken, Priory Green was a Peabody Trust housing estate.  It was built in the 1950s to a design by the architect Berthold Lubetkin known for his pioneering work with concrete.  Lubetkin is said to have created some of the most sculptural stairways in his buildings and this is certainly the case in Priory Green.

The estate comprises 288 flats and maisonettes in 7 blocks. Peabody was awarded a £2 million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund's townscape heritage initiative in November 2000 to conserve the estate.   A further £15.2m was spent in 2004 refurbishing the flats providing new kitchens, bathrooms, windows, an overhaul of the door entry system, an overhaul of the district heating system and new entrance doors to the flats.  There were also improvements to landscaping and play areas.

Priory Green has Conservation Area status about which the website says, "...The Priory Green Conservation Area is a mid 20th century planned social housing scheme commissioned by Finsbury Council and designed by Tecton and Lubetkin, Skinner and Bailey. It is a residential estate with limited communal facilities set within a mature landscaped area. The landscape is not now as was first designed by the architects, but contains many trees which contribute positively to the character and appearance of the area.  The Council wishes to see these retained and protected. If existing specimens are removed, these should be replaced with an appropriate alternative landscaping scheme.  The setting of the individual blocks within the landscape, views in and around the site, and the relationship between different phases of development are all important to the character and unity of the site. The Council will seek to protect and enhance these special qualities."

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