Guinness Power Station, St James's Gate, Dublin

F.P.M. Woodhouse & Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners
Date Built
Guinness Power Station, St James's Gate, Dublin
Looking as if it might have been designed by Giles Gilbert Scott, the architect of Bankside and Battersea power stations, this art deco building was home to Guinness's own power station.  The twin chimneys suggest it had two boilers and two turbines.  The new chimneys belong to the old station's replacement, a 14.2MW gas fired combined heat and power station.  The CHP plant is located outdoors within the brewery site and incorporates three gas turbines along with three steam boilers.  The system is built to use either natural gas or diesel fuel.  Parts of it can be glimpsed in the image below, as seen from the other side of the River Liffey.