10 - 20 - 30 Eastbourne Terrace, London

Original - Cecil Elsom
Refurbished - Fletcher Priest in collaboration with Stiff & Trevellion
Date Built
Completed 1958
Refurbished 2016
Eastbourne Terrace across from Paddington Station
This office building on Eastbourne Terrace, across from Paddington Station, was built at the end of the 1950s to a desighn by Cecil Elsom.  It comprised two four-storey blocks, numbered 10 and 30 Eastbourne Terrace,  flanking a 19 storey tower at number 20.  When it was completed in 1958, the tower was the tallest in Europe and it is now among the oldest towers in London.

Fletcher Priest led the transformation of this 1960s office block with a completion date of 2016.  They explain that, "... what made it a good example of commercial design of its time could be adapted to reposition the building for innovative organisations.  .... Its transformation into a desirable, energy efficient workplace is timed to coincide with the opening of the new Crossrail station that runs down the middle of Eastbourne Terrace."

Referring to 20 Eastbourne Terrace Fletcher Priest say,  "Opening up the solid corners on each floor and recladding in a high-performance glass we were able to exploit the remarkable views out across London while increasing daylight and reduce the energy use. On the western fa├žade, louvres allow light through but shade the interior from solar heat gain and embedded photovoltaic cells generate electricity. Internally low-energy chilled beams, avoid the need for a ceiling and optimise the floor heights. These are examples of a suite of measures that make the development highly energy efficient."