Allianz-Hochhaus - Joachimsthaler Strasse, Berlin, Germany

Alfred Gunzenhausen and Paul Schwebes
Date Built
Joachimsthaler Strasse
The Allianz building occupies the corner of Joachimsthaler Strasse and the Ku'damm.  As the inscription on the outside indicates, it was built between 1953 and 1955 to a design by Alfred Gunzenhausen of the architectural practice of Gunzenhausen and Schwebes. 

It comprises a 15-storey tower at the end of a gently curving 6-storey block that extends to and around the corner with the Ku'damm.  Office space is located above a row of retail and restaurant units at street level.  The "" says of the building that, "the strict geometric travertine fa├žade is reminiscent of the nazi-klassizismus (classicism) of the 30's and 40's, but in the end, this is something different. The wriggled long wing, the organic shaped staircase and storefront, as well as the pillars that look like the work of Stig Lindberg (Swedish post-war designer). It is no wonder this was one of the most appreciated buildings of the Nachkriegzeit (post war period)"

A plaque is attached to the building which recognizes the death of eighteen young Czech forced labourers who died during an air raid in 1943.

The Ecuadorian Embassy occupies the 10th floor of the tower block.