Bergen tinghus, Norway

Architect Egill Reimers
Date Built
Completed 1933
Tårnplass 2
Bergen’s courthouse building, on Tårnplass in the city centre, was designed by Egil Reimers in a submission that had as its motto “Respect for the Law”.  The building comprises six floors with a basement and an attic.  Inside are 25 courtrooms arranged around a central hall with a skylight.  Built of brick with floors and ceilings of reinforced concrete, it is topped with a verdigris copper roof. 

The courthouse building is linked to its neighbour, Valkendorfs gate 6, by a covered bridge.

The main feature of the building’s exterior is the monumental Gothic entrance which comprises three arched portals flanked by four large pilasters each adorned by a granite statue.  The four statues represent Prudence, Justice, Temperance and Strength, the four cardinal virtues. Wisdom, with a snake and book, and Justice, with a weight and a sword, were sculpted by Stinius Fredriksen,  Temperance, with a chalice, and Strength, with a column, are by Nic Schiøll.

Above the entrance are four griffins protecting the building from evil spirits.

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