St. Olaf House - Tooley Street, London, UK

H.S. Goodhart - Rendel
Date Built
Tooley Street, Camberwell
St Olaf House is an Art Deco conversion of a former wharehouse located between Tooley Street and Hay's Wharf on the south bank of the Thames near London Bridge.  It was the stylish office building of the Hay's Wharf Company. 

The river-front side of the building features panels of gilded Doulton tiles, set in black granite, designed by the sculptor Frank Dobson. 

Further up the river from Hay's Wharf you will find another example of Frank Dobson's art work in the shape of his "London Pride" sculpture seen below.

St. Olaf's House is a T-shaped building with a steel-frame clad in white Portland stone. The stem of the T pointing towards Tooley Street ...........

Today, St Olaf House is home to the London Bridge Hospital’s Consulting and Administration Rooms

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