The San Remo, New York

Emery Roth
Date Built
Completed 1930
145 and 146 Central Park West
The San Remo is a residential building located on the exclusive Central Park West.  Its Wikipedia page explains that, "... The apartments were accessed from opulent twin lobbies which contained terrazzo floors, marble walls and custom light fixtures of bronze and frosted glass. The building has two addresses, 145 and 146 Central Park West, because the building was designed so that each half of the structure is served by separate lobbies, eliminating the need for long hallways across the main floor."

"At the 18th floor, the building splits into the San Remo's iconic 10-floor towers, inspired by the drum of the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates The towers culminate in Renaissance-style Corinthian temples crowned by 22-foot-high copper lanterns. The innovative twin tower design inspired imitators over the years, including The Majestic, The Century, The Eldorado and—most recently—the Time Warner Center."

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