Royal Court Theatre - Liverpool, UK

James Bushell Hutchins
Date Built
Roe Street
The Royal Court Theatre on Roe Street in Liverpool is the second theatre building to occupy that site.  The original was built in 1826 and was called "Cookes New Circus".  In 1881 it was renamed the Royal Court Theatre.  That building was destroyed by fire in 1933.  The building you see today was erected six years later in the art deco style that was the fashion at that time.

The Theatre Trust's website says of the building that, " ... the elevations are red brick with dressings of Aberdeen granite. Of four storeys with attic, the fa├že has a rectilinear pattern with horizontal banding in brick and fluted stone and vertical brick ribs with grouped pairs of windows on all levels. At attic level there is a fluted stone parapet. Rounded corner containing the main entrance and stairways.  ...   The auditorium comprises stalls, grand circle and balcony and is richly decorated. The proscenium is gilded with delicate plaster ornament; coffered sounding board over a splayed ante-proscenium, containing a box at first floor level each side with its front extended to the circle by a curved bay. Shallow curved circle fronts. The ceiling is curved in a series of arches with concealed lighting. The stage with original revolve and flies remains."

The Royal Court's website points out that the building has undergone something of a transformation in recent years.  "In the last year, over 200,000 people have visited the theatre and experienced the unique cabaret-style stalls seating, dinner offer and drinks before the show."

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