Ralph Lauren, New Bond Street, London

Edward A. Stone
Date Built
1 - 5 New bond Street
There is a bit of a disagreement about the date of this building.  One source says that it was built in 1930 to a design by the architect E. A. Stone.  However, the building began life as F. W. Woolworth & Co Limited's Executive and Buying Office (hence their UK Headquarters) and the Woolworth's archive says that they occupied the building from 1929 until 1959.  The attractive art-deco building is faced in stone and has domed corner pavilions.  A row of Romanesque round-topped windows can be seen on an upper floor above which are two more floors that are stepped back. 

In 1959 Woolworths left to take up occupancy in their new HQ on Marylebone Road.  Today, as you can see, this building is the UK flagship store for Ralph Lauren.