UCL School of Pharmacy, London

Herbert Rowse
Date Built
Construction started in 1939 but was delayed because of the war
Brunswick Square
University College London's School of Pharmacy occupies this building in Brunswick Square.  It is apparently described by Pevsner as "grimly symmetrical".  The building occupies the site where a terrace of Georgian houses, built in 1804, once stood.  A plaque on the wall reports that these houses were at one time or another home to Virginia Woolf, John Maynard Keynes and other notables.

Construction on the building began in 1939 but the outbreak of war halted progress and the building wasn't completed until after the war.  Herbert James Rowse, the Liverpool architect, designed the building.  Although he was responsible for buildings in other cities, most of his important buildings are in his home town.  These include: India Buildings, the entrances to and ventilation towers of the Mersey Tunnel, and the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. His Wikipedia page says that he, "... designed in a range of styles, from neoclassical to Art Deco, generally with a strong American influence."  His interest in Art Deco is certainly reflected in this building.

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