4 Kildare Street, Dublin, Ireland

Frederick Hayes
Date Built
Kildare Street
This building on Kildare Street, in Dublin, is the administrative headquarters of the Irish National Library.  The building actually dates back to 1748 but in 1936 a new art-deco limestone facade was added by the architect Frederick Hayes.  The Irish Architectural Archive shows a listing for Hayes in 1936 as follows:

"Name: HAYES, FREDERICK Building: CO. DUBLIN, DUBLIN, KILDARE STREET, NO. 004 (REFUGE ASSURANCE BUILDING) Date: 1936 Nature: Builder: Albert Roberts & Co., 133 Baggot St. Refs: IB 78, 7 Mar 1936, 187 "

So it would appear that in 1936 Number 4 Kildare Street belonged to the Refuge Assurance.  The Art Deco Dublin website agrees and adds that the building is faced with polished grey limestone from Ballinasloe, Co Galway

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