Katarinahissen, Stockholm, Sweden

Kooperative Forhundets Arkitekt
Date Built
1933- 1934
21 Bennett's Hill
The first version of the Katarina Elevator was designed in 1881 by the engineer Knut Lindmark.  It involved a bridge and a lift to connect the dockside area of Slussen with Mosebacke Torg.  It opened in March of 1883 and the people who used it paid 5 öre to go up and 3 öre for go down.  It was built by the Belgian firm of Lecoq and Co.  You can see it in the public domain image below taken in 1896.

That lift was replaced in the 1930s when the Slussen transport interchange was built.  You can see the new version in the public domain image below taken on the occasion of the inauguration of the Slussen Interchange in 1935.

The lift was closed in 2010 over concerns about its security but the bridge is home in 2015 to "Erik's Gondolen" described as a, "Sleek fine-dining restaurant suspended above the harbor with sweeping views over the city."  The Erik in question is the chef Erik Lallerstdt.  The restaurant's website tells a little of the history of Gondolen.  "In 1994 Erik Lallerstedt took over Gondolen. The restaurant was inaugurated October 15, 1935 by King Gustav V and operated by the Swedish Consumer Cooperative Society. Gondolen became a popular tourist destination, where the unique view sometimes outshone the food. It became a dance restaurant and was called "a flying city hotel". In the late 1980s several changes of ownership followed and after problems with the Tax Agency and alcohol licensing Gondolen was forced to close in 1993. Erik Lallerstedt, who calls Katarinahissen and Gondolen "Sweden's Eiffel Tower", accepted the challenge to renovate Gondolen. His vision included a dining room that everyone could afford, a neighborhood restaurant, a bar and an outdoor terrace on the roof. And so it was, now supplemented with the wine bar, a reception room and the Gastronomy, where small parties can learn more about cooking and wine tasting."

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