The Isokon / Lawn Road Flats - Hampstead, Greater London, UK

Wells Coates
Date Built
Lawn Road, Hampstead
This Grade 1 Listed modernist building features 34 flats spread over 4 floors.  It has a penthouse apartment that has its own roof terrace.  Originally the flats had small kitchens but shared a large central kitchen.  Apparently in 1937 the kitchen was converted into a restaurant/bar called the "Isobar".

Among the famous residents of the building were Walter Gropius (German architect and founder of the Bauhaus School),  Agatha Christie,  Marcel Breuer (architect and furniture designer) and Arnold Deutsch (the soviet spy who recruited Kim Philby).

The building was sold to Camden Council in 1972 but over the years it deteriorated and was abandoned in the 1990s.  It remained empty until it was restored in 2003 by Avanti Architects.

An exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in 2017, tracing the history of plywood and its many uses, featured the door below that was made for the penthouse apartment at the Isokon Flats.

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