Department of Industry and Commerce, Kildare Street, Dublin

J. R. Boyd Barrett
Date Built
Kildare Street, Dublin
This building was the result of a design competition in 1935 for a building on Kildare Street to accommodate various government employees previously working in offices scattered across the city.  J. R. Boyd Barrett's design won the competition and he delivered this elegant building that the website describes as, " ... basically a stripped classical facade with an Art Deco entrance bay addition. ... The exterior is robust and austere with the exception of the art deco relief sculptures by Gabriel Hayes."

The exterior decoration includes:

 a carved keystone representing Éire ...

a carved lintel depicting the celtic god Lugh releasing aeroplanes into the air ....

and a relief carving showing stylised images of industry and commerce on the Minister's balcony.

The website says that, "The main emphasis of the facade is the entrance bay. This is placed at the Schoolhouse Lane corner of the building. A tall round headed window passes up through the floors with .... jazzy interstitial panels."

The website adds that, "The interior of the building remains as largely designed by Barrett – as a total piece of design. Everything from the ashtrays, fireplaces and door handles up was designed specifically for this building and all constructed during a period of war and material shortages. The interior with its polished woods and metals, stylised signage, patterned linoleum floors. The foyer for each floor was designed similarly with black and yellow art deco floor designs with symbols depicting each floor level in the center, deeply coffered ceilings and semi-circular information desks."