Imperial Airways Empire Terminal - Buckingham Palace Road, London, UK

A. Lakeman and W. H. Williams
Date Built
1937 - 1939
Buckingham Palace Road
Pevsner describes the building as "Art Deco Baroque"  This building is home to the Audit Commission but it was built for Imperial Airways as a terminal for their airline passengers.  A rail link on site would carry passengers to Southampton where they would meet flying boats.  Coaches woud carry others to Croyden Airport.

Below is the hatchway that was once used to pass luggage through onto the railway platform for loading on to the train.

The building is dominated by a central clock tower that rises to twice the height of the five-storey building. 

A stone canopy projects from below the tower surmounted by a sculpture entitled "Speed Wings over the World" by Eric Raymond Broadbent.

Take a look at the inside in 2019.

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