Disch Haus - Bruckenstrasse, Cologne, Germany

Bruno Paul
Date Built
1928 - 1930
Brückenstraße and Herzogstraße, Cologne
Cologne’s “DISCH-HAUS” was designed by Bruno Paul in what was described as the “New Objectivity” style.  Paul was an architect, illustrator, interior designer, and furniture designer.  His Wikipedia entry says of him that he:  "...facilitated the popular acceptance of Modernism as the characteristic style of the Twentieth Century."  Many sources credit him for designing the Macey's Store in New York in 1925 although other sources credit the Macey's buildings from that period to Robert D. Kohn.

The Disch Haus received devastating damage during WWII leaving it as a burned-out shell.  After the war the building was restored, then in 2007 KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten renewed it once again preserving its original features whilst including a Manufaktum emporium on the ground floor and office space above.

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