Atwater Market, Montreal, Canada

Ludger Lemieux with his son, Paul Lemieux
Date Built
Saint-Henri area of Montreal
The Atwater Market’s website has an account of the building’s history.  It claims that the building was erected in 1933 at the amazing cost, for its time, of more than $1m.  It comprises, “ ... two shopping levels with 25 boutiques offering various products. On the third floor there is a large room for events that can accommodate up to 10,000 people. Also of note, the upper level of the market contains two apartments that were originally built for the janitor and the market administrator. At the end of the 70’s and the beginning of the 80’s, a major part of the third floor became a gymnasium and the two apartments served as administrative offices.”  The market says that its mission is, “To give Montrealers access to local produce in their public markets that relate to their values.”  To do that the market offers its customers, “more than nine butchers, three cheese shops, a fishmonger and a dozen specialty shops.  In 2011, the market expanded outside on the north side with the addition of ten kiosks representing vendors of all kinds. Atwater market is well-recognized in the spring for the abundance of flowers and plants offered by its horticulturalists, its overflowing stalls filled with lots of fruits and vegetables, often picked the same day, from its local farmers, and in December, for the forest of Christmas trees, which arrive for the holiday season, this market is radiant and inspirational!”

The building has also, “hosted many political, social and sporting events. Great politicians like Camillien Houde and Maurice Duplessis shook the walls with their heated debates which also attracted thousands of spectators.”

The building's clock tower is something of a local landmark.