Apollo Victoria Theatre - Vauxhall Bridge Road, Manchester, UK

Ernest Wamsley Lewis with W. E. Trent 
Date Built
1928 - 1930
Wilton Road and Vauxhall Bridge Road
Although the Apollo was built as a cinema it has, throughout its history, been a venue for live theatre.  It was considered for demolition in the 1950s but survived as a cinema until 1976 when it closed.  In 1981 it reopened as a live theatre venue which it continues to do today.

The building cost £250,000 to build at the end of the 1920s but it had a huge auditorium that accommodated 2,786 patrons.  Outside it was clad in Portland stone and it still features a pair of bas-relief panels created by the sculptor Newbury Abbot Trent on either side of the Wilton Street entrance.

- The Wilton Street Side -

- The Vauxhall Bridge Road Side -

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