The Adelphi, Westminster, London

Stanley Hamp of Colcutt and Hamp
Date Built
Two storeys added in 1993
11 Adelphi Terrace
This purpose built office building, designed by Stanley Hamp of Colcutt and Hamp in the 1930s, reflects the Moderne or Art Deco style popular at that time.  When it was built, between 1936 and 1938, it had eight-storeys on the John Adam Street end ....

... and a further three on the other end when the ground falls away down to the Embankment. 

The building has a steel and concrete frame clad in Portland stone on the side facing the river and buff brick and Portland stone on the other streets.  A roadway and promenade are a feature of the Embankment end with a garage beneath that is accessed from Savoy Place. 

Further storeys were added to the building in 1993. 

This site is one of significant historic importance and a plaque on the Adelphi Terrace explains something of its past.

The building has a splendid collection of art deco features including the curved balconies that look out towards the river .....

....  the bronze anodized bow windows ....

....  the decoration around the entrances  ....

.... various decorative panels of the zodiac, city crests and aspects of agriculture and industry

... and four giant relief figures.


Other views of the building.