50 Sloane Street, London

F. J. Wills and H. W. Matthews
Date Built
50 Sloane Street
In a "Historical Building Report" for the Cadogan Estate dated October 2015, Donald Install Associates described 50 Sloane Street as a large apartment block from the interwar period.  They said that,  "... It is not listed, and does not merit statutory designation, but has some local architectural and historic significance as a good example of a 1930s apartment block and is representative of wider interwar development along Sloane Street. Overall the building makes a positive contribution to the character and appearance of the conservation area and this is acknowledged in the Hans Town Conservation Area Appraisal which states ‘the impressive building is a distinctive 1930s Art Deco influenced symmetrical mansion block of alternating bands of brown and red brickwork with white courses lending to a sense of detailing. Any monotony is countered by robust detailing and bay windows with pilasters contributing to a sense of shadow effects.’The exterior of the block has been only minimally altered. Its main interest lies in the original art-deco-style entrance and in the architecture of the upper storeys, which is articulated and finished in varied forms of brickwork. .....

... The shopfronts are modern replacements .... overall the front façade makes a positive contribution to the conservation area. The rear façade is less visible in public views and more utilitarian but nonetheless survives largely in its original form and makes a positive, albeit modest, contribution to the conservation area."

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