Windsor Station, Montreal, Canada

Bruce Price
Date Built
First trains departed 1889 - station expanded 1900 - 1903 &  1910 - 1913
1100 Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal
The first train pulled out of Windsor Station in 1889 which makes it a 19th century building and as such somewhat too early for the mandate of this website.  However, the station continued to develop into the beginning of the 20th century.  There were two more building programs in 1900 to 1903 and then in 1910 to 1913.  Today the building is recognized as being of historic importance.  The register of National Historic Sites list its architectural assets as:

"1.  its Romanesque Revival style, expressed in the dramatic rhythm created by wide-arched openings, steeply pitched roofs, prominent gables, towers, turrets, prominent string courses and arched open-loggia openings along the top floor, the deeply-set and vertically grouped windows, wide-arched bays supported by colonnettes, and the high quality, but restrained sculptural details of floral and animal motifs, executed in a sinuous style; ....

  the solid, rustic appearance of the building created by the use of Montréal limestone on exterior elevations, the large size and rock-faced finish of the limestone units, and the overall Romanesque Revival design and detailing;

3. the roofline of the 1909-14 addition, reflecting the way in which Romanesque Revival and Château-style elements were blended together over time; 
- surviving original volumes, materials and detailing of the main ticket lobby;

4.  the covered carriage way along the north elevation of the 1900-06 wing;

5.  remnants of the original De La Gauchetière Street entrance to the building, evident in the exterior and interior fabric and features."

Intercity railway services in and out of Windsor Station came to an end in the 1980s.  Local services continued for a while longer but in the 1990s the Bell Centre, the replacement for the Montreal Forum, was built on the land once occupied by the tracks leading into the station severing it from the rail network.  A new railway station was built beside the Bell Centre to serve suburban railway traffic.  The old station was redeveloped into offices, a hotel complex and shops.