Wilson Grove Estate, Bermondsey, London

Ewart G Culpin
Date Built
Opened 1928
Between Bermondsey Tube Station on Jamaica Road and the river
The move to demolish slum housing in Bermondsey after WWI and rehouse large numbers of people was met with proposals to erect tenament blocks.  Wilson Grove was a diversion from that plan.  An article on the municipaldreams.wordpress.com site, entitled "The Wilson Grove Estate, Bermondsey: ‘A cottage home for every family’ explains that, "Bermondsey, though, had ‘decided that it would not put up anything of which it would be ashamed’ – ‘it steadfastly refused to warehouse the people in barracks’.  The result was this little enclave of "Garden City" style cottages

"Instead of tenements, Labour proposed a small estate of 54 cottages – ‘trim structures of warm, red brick, some with bay windows, others with recessed doorways, sheltered by an arched doorway’. Each would have three bedrooms, a living room, scullery, larder, bathroom and lavatory with hot and cold water. The new estate would house around 400 people."

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