Theater Tuschinski, Amsterdam, Holland

Hijman Louis de Jong
Date Built
Completed 1921
Location Reguliersbreestraat 26-28
Commissioned by Abraham Icek Tuschinski, the Path´ Tuschinski cinema is a magnificent mixture of architectural styles with features of Amsterdam Movement, Art Nouveau and Art Deco.  The Amsterdam Info website explains that, "The cinema has been designed as an imposing building, with a big entry, an imposing Art Deco façade and two towers on both sides, rising above the neighborhood. The interiors, designed by Pieter den Besten and Jaap Gidding were very Art Deco .... The main foyer was imposing, plush, somber, lit by big yellow Art Deco lamps. The walls are ... covered by carvings in dark wood, glazed tiles and bronze elements."

"The huge main Tuschinski auditorium had an allure of an opera, with two big balconies one above the other, hanging above the audience. It had originally 1200 seats. In the side rooms, a cabaret named La Gaité, a Japanese tea room, a Moorish suite were located. Several smaller suites on higher floors were built. An elegant lift was taking the guests upstairs. The corridors of Tuschinski were built were not only to connect the various auditoria. Their labyrinth was meant to offer its guest the privacy. The cinema had a modern ventilation and heating system maintaining the same temperature throughout the whole building. In 1936, the cinema has been thoroughly renovated. The beautiful 2-inch thick woolen carpet in striking colors dates from this time."

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