Troostwijk, Amsterdam, Holland

Jan de Bie Leuveling Tjeenk
Date Built
Museumplein 4
This building on Museumplein, close to the Van Gogh Museum, is listed on the Rijksmonumenten website.  It is described as, "...Detached villa with ground floor and two floors, flat capped (at different levels) of extremely strict architecture ...  Built in brick, ....  using only straight lines and boxes .... inspired by the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright ..."

The "" website says of the building that, "... lts jutting awnings, horizontal cubic design (a Wrightian allusion) and expressive use of brick relate it more to the 'Hague School' of Co Brandes et al than to the Amsterdam School. Internally all spaces are ranged round a central stairwell. At the end of the eighties the house did a stint as the Overholland Museum for paper artwork."

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