Satamakatu 4, Malmo, Sweden

August Ewe and Carl Melin
Date Built
This beautiful building sits at the point where Hamngaten opens up into Malmo's Big Square.  The ID website gives an insight into its history.  "Satamakatu 4 was designed in 1912 by architects August Ewe and Carl Melin . They ran in the early twentieth century one of the most successful architectural firms in southern Sweden and won several awards.  (The) Street from the harbor to the Great Square was a narrow lane and it did not fit with the impression the city wanted to provide visitors to the Baltic Expo 1914.  After the usual round of debate and negotiations (they?) expropriated some properties and the street was widened from 9 to 15 meters and Satamakatu 4 built. ...

... The windows on the second floor were bold and breathed modern architecture. ...

Between window sections are ornaments that refers both to the city's medieval heyday as the proud future husband so eagerly wanted to conjure; Hanseatic cogs , airplanes, automobiles and locomotives are pictured.”

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