Salford Dock Office - Trafford Road, Salford, UK

Harry Fairhurst and Son
Date Built
Beside Trafford Road in Salford
This Grade II listed building sits beside the gateway, also by Fairhurst, that once provided access to the docks.  Originally the words "Manchester Docks" ran across the top of the gateway.  On either side are sculptural motifs of a ship's keel projecting out from the stonework.  Pevsner describes the office building as "Stripped classical style, concrete, E-plan.  Four storeys with a central projecting pylon-like bay with a full height arched window."

On the right hand side of the entrance gateway you will find a plaque commemorating the opening of the Manchester Ship Canal by Queen Victoria on the 21st of May 1894.

The arrow on the aerial photograph below, taken in the 1940s, shows the location of the gateway and beside it the E-shaped dock office.