Sabastian House, Clerkenwell, London

Built by W. H. Gaze & Sons
Date Built
1916 - 17
2 - 4 Sabastian Street
This apartment building on Sabastian Streeet in Clerkenwell started life as a factory for the silversmith company of  Charles Boyton and Sons.  Boyton was a well known silversmith who registered his first hallmark in 1825.  He moved his company to Sabastian Street in the mid 1800s operating out of houses across the street from this building.  Then in 1917 Boyton and Sons moved into this purpose built factory.  The firm diversified from the making of spoons and forks to the production of fine tableware and other silver items of an Art Deco character, but declined in the 1930s.  After Boytons left the building it became home to S Ramsay and Co. Ltd. wireworkers.

In 1987-89 the building was converted into four apartments.  An attic storey and basement swimming pool were added.  Apparently, the uppermost of the flats became home to Griff Rhys Jones.

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