Estacio del Norte, Valencia, Spain

Demetrio Ribes
Date Built
Opened 1917
Plaza de Toros
Estacia del Norte in Valencia is an art nouveau masterpiece that is still an active railway station 100 years after it opened.  The Valencia City Guide describes it as, ".... a modernist jewel ... with Sezesion-Vienesa style  ... On the front fa├žade you can see the most typical elements of valencian culture: oranges, barracas (valencian traditional house), La Albufera (the lake), women dressed with traditional valencian dress." 


The website says that, "... Demetrio Ribes largely managed to reflect the image and personality of the city, as well the features of the country, using independent and singular decorative elements characteristic of modernism, and amongst which it is worth stressing those produced in ceramics, of special significance in the region for their beauty and high degree of perfection."  In 1961 the building was declared an historic monument and in 1983 it was entered into the register of the cultural heritage of Spain.

Decoration on the outside of the building.

Outside and inside the buuilding is decorated with beautiful ceramic tiles and mosaics created by Jose Mongrell


Mosaic panels wish travellers a good trip in a number of languages.

The train shed.

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