Kungstradgardsgatan 8, Stockholm, Sweden

Ivar Tengbom
Date Built
1912 - 1915
Kungstradgardsgatan 8
Ivar Tengbom was the successful competitor in the competition to design a headquarters building for Stockholm's Enskilda Bank.  Tengbom's design has been described as both artistic and technologically advanced for its time.  The building's Wikipedia page, translated from Swedish, describes the inside as follows: "... The glass-covered banking hall on the ground floor has a gray polished Gustakalksten as the dominant material. On the floor are also rooms for the trust and bond portions. In the basement were placed deposit vault with a floor of marble mosaic. The mezzanine contained executive rooms and the upstairs was recovered boardroom and a large assembly hall for the General Meeting. The building was equipped with modern features like pneumatic tube, paternoster elevator, electric uranium orientation, local telephone, alarm button system and clean era orientation."

The facade is clad in black diabase on the ground floor and rendered above.  The windows feature elaborate metal screens.  Four sets of double columns support pedestals upon which are four sculptural groups created by Carl Milles.

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