Kodak House, Kingsway, London

Sir John Burnet & Partners
Date Built
61 - 65 Kingsway
This Grade II Listed building at 61 - 65 Kingsway was designed by the architectural practice of Sir John Burnet and Partners with Thomas Tait as the job architect.  Tait was associated with a number of prominent buildings in London including Unilever House but he was also the designer of the pylons for the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  He designed this office building for the Kodak company.  As the listing comments explain it is, "... an early example in London of an office block treated in a straightforward manner. Although a pioneering work of modern design it evolves from an Edwardian Neo-Classical design, stripped of almost all ornament and with a Beaux Arts axial plan. Burnet made a study tour of America in preparation for this project. The detail appears to be by Thomas Tait: despite Burnet's doubts about the lack of usual decoration, the client liked the simplicity."

The "ajbuildingslibrary.co.uk" offers some details on the building explaining that, "... The Kingsway facade is clad in Portland stone on a Norwegian granite base; the Keeley street side is of heather red bricks; .....

..... the Wylde Court side is of white glazed bricks. ....

.... The main entrance, accessed off the centre of the Kingsway leads
(led) through to a marble vestibule and then on to the Kodak shop. ...

.... A marble staircase leads from the vestibule to the first floor reception area. This is a large, open space with a marble and mosaic floor and screens made from wood and glass that provide glimpses of and access to various private rooms.  The board room is lined with Spanish mahogany and there are marble columns throughout."

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